Shia Rights Watch calls on the Afghan Hajj and Umrah to consider the situation of its Shia pilgrims

Shia Rights Watch called on the Afghan Hajj and Umrah Organization to look into the situation of its Shia pilgrims, noting that there is a clear denial of services to be provided during the Hajj.

In a statement, the organization called on the body to reconsider the nature of its rights towards Afghan pilgrims, especially after the confusion in their conditions during the current Hajj season and the apparent lack of services supposed to be provided to them during the rituals.

"The organization has been briefed closely on the situation of hundreds of Shia pilgrims who were denied services in their hotels, where more than 1,700 pilgrims did not receive meals for some time, especially when the pilgrims included seniors," the statement said.

According to testimonies obtained by the organization, "The reason for depriving the pilgrims from the food allocated to them is the departure of a number of Sunni pilgrims (who do not exceed 20% of the total number of pilgrims in the hotel) to Mina, according to their practice, which is recommended. The Shia pilgrimage to Mina is on the eighth and ninth of the month, which caused confusion due to the poor organization of the work of the Hajj and Umrah Afghan,” the statement added.

The Organization called on the Afghan Hajj and Umrah Organization to provide adequate financial compensation for pilgrims who have suffered such forms, as well as work to overcome these shortcomings and avoid them in the future days, taking into account the specificities of Shia Muslim pilgrims.

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