Saudi war damages education sector in Yemen: UNICEF


The United Nations children's agency estimates that out of seven million school-aged children in Yemen over two million are not being educated amid a Saudi-led coalition’s war against the impoverished Arab state.

“The situation of Yemen’s education sector is daunting. Out of 7 million school-aged children, over 2 million children are already out of school,” a regional director of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund said on Sunday.

“School infrastructure is badly damaged and learning materials are in short supply. One in five schools in Yemen can no longer be used because they are damaged or being used in the fighting or to shelter displaced families,” said Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

Apart from education, the Saudi aggression has killed or endangered the lives of Yemeni children since 2015.

Last month, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said tens of thousands of children under the age of five have died of starvation in Yemen ever since Saudi Arabia and a number of its allies launched their atrocious military aggression against the impoverished country nearly four years ago.


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