Familiarity with recitation helps enrich Quran calligraphy


An Afghan Quran reciter and calligrapher said familiarity with recitation of the Holy Book helps to enrich a Quran calligrapher’s work.

Speaking to media, Mohammad Mahdi Mirzaee said he, himself, began learning Quran recitation to get acquainted with the Divine verses before starting calligraphy of the Quran.

He says the art of calligraphy has been in his family for generations. “My grandfather Mirza Ebrahim calligraphed the Quran,” he says. “My brother Mohammad Javad, who is currently a school principal in Pakistan, is also a good Quran calligrapher. My other brother Ahmad, a Quran teacher and Qari, also is active in the field of Quranic calligraphy.”

Mirzaee, who lives in Iran, says he has learned a lot from Iranian calligraphy masters like Hamid Ajami, Mohammad Ali Qorbani, Rasool Moradi and Esfandiar Sattarpour.




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