Taliban militants kill 8 policemen with insider help in Takhar province



The Taliban militants have set on fire the dead bodies of at least eight policemen who were killed in an attack on a check post in northeastern Takhar province.

Provincial police spokesman Asir confirmed the incident and said the policemen were killed after the militant attacked their check post in Khwaja Ghar district.

Asir further added that the incident took place late on Wednesday night in the vicinity of Kandahar Qeshlaq area of the district.

According to Asir, the Taliban militants carried out the attack with the support of one of the policemen who had links with the militants.

He also added that the Taliban militants escaped from the area after attacking the killing the policemen and snatching the policemen arms.

The Taliban group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid confirmed the attack and claims that nine policemen were killed in the attack.

Takhar has been among the relatively calm provinces in northeastern parts of Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime.


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