Indian pilgrims walk 6000 km to visit Imam Hussain in Karbala


A group of seven Shia Muslim pilgrims from Hyderabad old city has left for pilgrimage in Iraq on foot. They will complete their journey of 6000 km by walk to reach the city of Karbala in Iraq.

The enthusiastic pilgrims are expected to visit different revered places in Iraq after visiting the shrine of Imam Hussain - the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

Millions of Shia Muslim community visits Iraq, Syria and Iran every year for such pilgrimage however, going to Karbala by walk is very rare. The seven-member group is headed by Syed Abdul Ali (66 years) who went to Karbala three times by walk in the past.

The other members of the group are Ali Asghar (31), Syed Shareeful Hassan (28), Mir Asim Ali Mosvi (33), Mir Sadeq Ali Naqvi (33), Syed Ali Mohammed Razvi (33) and Syed Muqtaar Ahmed (37).

The group started its journey from Daira-e-Mir Momin Saheb in Shahali Banda (Hyderabad, India). The pilgrims have also visited sacred places in Darul Shafa. Pilgrims will reach Karbala in seven months.The group will walk 30 to 35 km per day and will reach Iraq walking through Iran.


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