Five Japanese embrace Islam every month and Tokyo embraces one of the largest mosques in Asia



The Japanese Nippon website has monitored the status of Islam in Japan, saying that about five Japanese people celebrate their Islam at the University of Tokyo every month.

According to Nippon, the Tokyo Mosque is one of the largest mosques in East Asia, and the mosque administration says arrivals from Southeast Asia to visit the mosque are increasing.

The site reviews the story of Japanese Shimoyama Shigeru, who converted to Islam after traveling to Africa when he was a university student, where he says that his experience in Africa was the starting point and transformation of what it is today.

He said he did not believe in the existence of God at first, but changed completely after embracing Islam, where he became a member of an Islamic society.

He stressed that he felt the splendor of Islam when he was watching the worshipers queuing up one prayer when there was no difference between them whether they were black, white or yellow.

He added that all available means should be used to convey the message of Islam to the Japanese even if the means are very simple, such as the definition of food and cooking Islamic and Arab, for example.


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