Advanced completion stages in the project of renovating the two golden minarets of the Imam Ali Holy Shrine



The Technical Cadres at the Imam Ali Holy Shrine are continuing work in the renovation project of the two golden minarets.

"The works of the project consist of three stages, the first stage is renovating the southern minaret, the second is renovating the northern minaret, and the last stage is renovating the arcade between the minarets," said the Member of the Board of Directors and Supervisor of this project Mr. Faith al-Kirmani.

The damaged golden plates were renovated and re-gilded. The minarets were modified and covered with a specific anti-lightning carbon fiber. Afterward, comes the stage of installing the golden plates, (4813) pieces. The completion rates, at this stage amounted, to 92% whereas it reached 100% at the arcade stage.


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