23 suicide bombings and 1387 deaths in terrorism shook Pakistan in 2017


2017 saw more suicide attacks than previous two years, according to a provisional report on security situation in Pakistan released by an independent think tank that noted slight improvement in the overall security situation in the country.

However, the report compiled by the Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) shows that terrorists carried out 23 suicide attacks in different parts of the country in 2017, whereas 2016 and 2015 had witnessed 17 and 18 such incidents, respectively.

The statistics showed that 1,387 people, including 585 civilians, 555 militants and 247 security forces personnel, were killed and 1,965 people, including 1,580 civilians, were injured in terrorism-related incidents, including militant attacks and security forces’ actions.

The report says that there has been around 15 per cent decline in the number of militant attacks and six per cent reduction in the number of deaths in terrorist attacks.

The Islamabad-based think tank focuses on conflict and security issues in South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia and works as a monitoring body of anti-state violence in Pakistan, according to the introduction given on the official website of the organisation.

According to the PICSS, the situation witnessed in the year could be attributed to different external and internal factors, including renewed support to anti-Pakistan elements operating from Afghanistan and the government in Islamabad losing focus of its counter-extremism strategy and the National Action Plan due to political manoeuvrings of the opposition parties as well as because of the ouster of prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Report says Balochistan saw highest number of attacks; Nearly 1,400 died in terrorism-related incidents

Militants carried out at least 420 attacks in which 912 people, including 584 civilians, 225 security forces personnel and 103 militants, were killed and 1,877 injured. 

In response, security forces conducted 522 operations in which left 475 people, including 452 militants and 22 security forces’ personnel, dead and 88 people injured. Security forces also arrested 1,760 suspected militants during the year.



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