Imam Ali Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Indian Ambassador to Iraq: Imam Ali is a Paragon of Humanity 23 August 2017
Manuscripts division in Najaf maintains maps and registers 17 August 2017
Imam Ali Holy Shrine seeks to complete al-Nidaa Power Station 25 July 2017
Chinese ambassador in Iraq: Imam Ali Holy Shrine source of our respect, appreciation 20 July 2017
Imam Ali holy Shrine continues efforts to complete Imam al-Ridha pilgrim’s city 17 July 2017
Brazilian envoy visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine 09 July 2017
Holy Najaf to witness Husseini mourning processions 15 June 2017
Imam Ali Holy Shrine launches project of preparing Quranic teachers 09 May 2017
Millions of Muslims commemorate Eid al-Mab’ath worldwide 26 April 2017
Quran written on gold pages gifted to Imam AliHoly Shrine 13 April 2017
Najaf International Book Fair kicks off 09 March 2017
Imam Ali Holy Shrine set to kick off Najaf International Book Fair 19 February 2017
Imam Ali Holy Shrine rehabilitates the Holy Grille of the Commander of Faithful 10 January 2017
Women Affairs Department participates in symposium concerning mothers 25 December 2016
Library of Imam Ali Holy Shrine produces Nahjul Balagha Encyclopedia 21 December 2016
Unveiling Imam Ali’s holy dome 18 December 2016
American academic: Imam Ali Holy Shrine is the best place for peaceful coexistence amongst religions 15 December 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine Staffs multiply their efforts to finish the holy dome soon 13 December 2016
Imam Ali Holy Grille Rehabilitation Project 12 December 2016
Chinese Language Unit for Translation completes translation of a book to two languages 08 December 2016


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