Imam Ali Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Hungarian Ambassador in Iraq: There is no match for Imam Ali Holy Shrine in whole world 18 March 2018
Women’s Quranic Division Supports the Quranic Competition of the Education Directorate 08 March 2018
Imam Ali Quranic Institute begins a Quranic course for foreign students 04 March 2018
Delegation of Bosnia Shia convert visit Imam Ali holy shrine in Najaf + Photos 26 February 2018
American delegation visits Imam Ali holy shrine in Najaf + Photos 25 February 2018
Head of Iraq's Shia endowment opens Imam Ali holy shrine’s satellite channel 20 February 2018
90 women attend Quran contest in Iraq 19 February 2018
Imam Ali Holy Shrine reciter wins first place in the Fifth National Quranic Competition 17 February 2018
A documentary film about Imam Ali Holy Shrine is made by a Canadian media 29 January 2018
Imam Ali Holy shrine prepare to commemorate the Martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima al-Zahra 28 January 2018
Diplomatic delegation from Sweden visits Holy Shrine of Imam Ali 25 January 2018
Photos: Servants of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, Holy Shrine celebrate the birth anniversary of Lady Zaineb, peace be upon her. 22 January 2018
Iraqi Turkmen scholars visit Imam Ali holy shrine 18 January 2018
Staffs install wooden doors between Abu Talib colonnade and Lady Fatima Courtyard 15 January 2018
A Russian women embraces Shia Islam, arranges marriage contract at Imam Ali shrine 04 January 2018
A Russian Shia convert visits Imam Ali holy shrine 03 January 2018
Chinese Muslim delegation visit holy shrine of Imam Ali 31 December 2017
Husseini rituals expressed differently at Imam Ali Holy Shrine 03 December 2017
Services Unit of Imam Ali's Holy Shrine offers over 9,000 meals per day to Arbaeen pilgrims + Photos 07 November 2017
Italian envoy visits Imam Ali holy shrine 05 September 2017


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