Imam Ali Holy Shrine

Title Published Date
Secretary-General of Kadhimiya Holy Shrine visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine 19 July 2016
Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi stresses the importance of providing the best services to the holy shrines’ pilgrims 12 July 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine gifts 200-year-old rare relic to Imam Hussein Museum 05 July 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine Delegation visits Imam Redha University in Pakistan's Islamabad 27 April 2016
Dr. Misbah Al-Radini visits the Holy Sites in Qom and meets Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 27 April 2016
Al-Azhar Shia revert: I want to stay next to Imam Ali bin Abi Talib 21 April 2016
Australian ambassador in Iraq expresses admiration for Imam Ali Shrine 17 April 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine organizes specialized training course for people with disabilities 06 April 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine Hosting Quranic Session 04 April 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine Unveils first stage of Fatima al-Zahra Courtyard Project 31 March 2016
Imam Ali Festival to be held by al-Abbas Holy Shrine in India 02 March 2016
A Christian delegation visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine 18 February 2016
UNAMI Deputy Special Representative visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine 03 February 2016
Seminar held in Holy Najaf to discuss developing Arbaeen's Quranic project 04 January 2016
Campaign launched by Imam Ali Holy Shrine to rehabilitate Holy Najaf's schools 03 January 2016
Imam Ali Holy Shrine hosts millions of pilgrims 10 December 2015
Holy Najaf completes preparations for Prophet Mohammad's martyrdom anniversary 09 December 2015
Newly Opened Accommodation Camps By The Holy of Najaf 26 November 2015
"Kashfil Yaqaeen Fi Fadhael Ameer ulMumineen" one of the valuable books for Muslim scholars 01 October 2015
Mandaeans says Imam Ali Holy Shrine is a safe haven to all Iraqi sects 19 April 2015

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