Iran opens doors of its holy shrines again

The Iranian authorities have reopened the holy shrines, after a 70-day closure, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the decision of the Iranian National Committee to Counter Coronavirus, the doors of Imam al-Redha Holy Shrine were reopened on Monday, from an hour before sunrise until an hour before sunset daily, with the need to observe all health rules and guidelines.

Iranian state television broadcasted live clips during the opening of the Holy Shrine of Imam al-Redha, peace be upon him, in the northeastern city of Mashhad, where dozens of pilgrims appeared entering the shrine.

Several shrines were also opened across the country, including the holy shrine of Sayyeda Fatima al-Masouma, peace be upon her, in the holy city of Qom, and the holy shrine of Shah Abdul-Adhim al-Hassani in the city of Rey, south of Tehran, in addition to the shrine of Shah Jaragh Mosque, which includes the shrine of two of Imam al-Kadhum’s sons, peace be upon them, in the city of Shiraz, southern Iran.


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