60 American Muslims visit Imam Redha Holy Shrine

A 60-person caravan including Indian and Pakistani Americans have paid a visit to Imam Redha Holy Shrine, enjoying various cultural and religious programs arranged by the Holy Shrine’s Office for Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs.

 Speaking on the sideline of the caravan’s visit to Imam Redha Holy Shrine’s Museum, Seyyed Nabi, a Friday prayer leader at California’s Islamic Center, said: “This is the first experience of pilgrimage for most of these pilgrims and we are so happy to have this opportunity”. 

Seyyed Nabi added: “These pilgrims have been living in the US for years and some members of the group have newly converted to Islam and Shia sect”. 

Introducing each member of the caravan as a new missionary for the teachings of Imam Redha Holy Shrine in the US following this visit, the leader of the caravan concluded: “Beauties of the holy shrine cannot be described in words. Museums, libraries, guesthouses, big courtyards and porticos have highly added to the beauties of the complex.”

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