Russian merchant reverts to Islam at Imam Redha Holy Shrine




A Russian merchant has reverted to Islam at a ceremony in the Deputy Office for Foreign Pilgrims' Affairs of Imam Redha Holy Shrine in Mashhad. 


The ceremony took place on the birth anniversary of Imam Redha, peace be upon him.


Speaking at the ceremony, office director Seyyed Jawad Hasheminejad stated that there has been an increase in the number and population of Muslims in Russia during the past decades.


According to him, Islamic values such as equality, brotherhood, peace and friendship have so far attracted a great number of non-Muslims in Russia and also across the world. 


The newly reverted Russian Muslim, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he has studied Islam for five years. 


"According to my studies, I have found that Shia Islam is the best religion to convert to." 


The Russian Muslim merchant was awarded with a certificate of conversion to Islam, a copy of the Holy Quran in English and several other books.

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