Russian tourism journalist at Imam Ridha Holy Shrine: The spirituality found here cannot be found in Russia



Though it is a holy landmark for Shia people, Imam Ridha Holy Shrine in the Iranian city of Mashhad attracts many foreign non-Muslim tourists and visitors from around the world.

As most foreign travelers have acknowledged it, the Holy Shrine relaxes their hearts and provides a spiritually uplifting atmosphere amid its beautiful architecture and arts.

     Yurgin Yourfsky, tourism activist and Russian orientalist, who is paying a visit to Iran with his family has got the same idea. Regarding this trip, he says, "It is now two weeks that we are in Iran and we have visited Tabriz, Urmia, and Isfahan. We have enjoyed the natural attractions of these cities". 

He added, "Iranian people are very diverse in terms of ethnicity and each of these groups has got their own customs. Honestly speaking, I have to say that this people enjoy rich culture and there is now doubt that hospitality and kindness have mixed with their moods". 

 Yourfsky went on to say, "I have visited Iran five times and Mashhad two times up to now. I suggest Mashhad as a very good tourist destination to other tourists". 

 The Russian tourism journalist described his feeling about his presence at Imam Ridha Holy Shrine saying, "This kind of spirituality cannot be found and experienced in Russia. Describing spiritual and mystic sense of this holy place is very difficult".


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