Karbala Int’l Photography Contest begins with 600 participants


The first edition of Karbala international photography contest has been held with the participation of 600 photographers from different parts of the world.

According to the website of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, holy shrine, 3900 frames of photos featuring Arbaeen pilgrimage (the 40th day after Ashura) and the virtues of the Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, movement have been sent to the secretariat of the competition.

The Media Section of the holy shrine has organized the contest in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi photographers.

Winners will be awarded in a ceremony to be held on the sidelines of the fifth edition of “Tarateel Sajjadiyah” international festival in Karbala.

Hadi Najjar, head of the judging committee of the competition and director of the association said that the international event aims to highlight the virtues of Imam Hussein’s movement and introduce them to the world through photos.

He added that experts from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt form the panel of judges.

The first to the third rank winners will be awarded cash prizes.

The fifth “Tarateel Sajjadiyyah” international festival is planned to be held at the end of the lunar month of Muharram (end on October 10) with the participation of religious and academic figures from Iraq and other Arab and Muslim countries.



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