Karbala Nat’l Quran Award: participants take written exam


The preliminary stage of Karbala Nat’l Quran Award in Iraq began in the Iraqi holy city.

According to Sheikh Hassan Mansouri, director of the Dar-ol-Quran Center of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, holy shrine, which has organized the contest, the contenders in the categories of Quran memorization and Tafseer (interpretation) took a written exam to qualify for the main round.

He said that in the other category, namely recitation, the participants need to record their recitation of the Quran and submit a copy to the panel of judges.

He added that the panel will evaluate the recitations and select 20 Qaris to compete in the finals.

That is also the case with the memorization and Tafseer categories, the final rounds of which will see the participation of 20 contenders each, the public relations office of the holy shrine quoted the official as saying.

The competition is held for men only, he went on to say.

Winners of the first and second ranks in each category will be awarded pilgrimage packages to the holy cities of Makkah in Saudi Arabia and Mashhad in Iran respectively while the ones who come third in each category will receive cash prizes.



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