Maintenance work Continue at the shrine of Sayeda Zeina in Syria


The technical engineering cadres continue their work in maintenance of parts Sayeda Zeinab "peace be upon her" holy shrine in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Restoration works are being carried out for the holy shrine of Lady Zeinab, peace be upon her, after the great damage caused by the war with the terrorist organizations that lasted for more than 8 years and which were constantly shelling the holy shrine with missiles.

Restoration of inscriptions, and decorations, in addition to the walls of the Holy Shrine, as well as the rehabilitation of sewers and water circulation toilets, and the change of marble to the holy court yard are all ongoing.

The maintanace caders also carrie out extensive maintenance and restoration works for more than a month, including all the facilities of the holy shrine merely, changing the lamps and maintenance of chandeliers in the corridors of the holy shrine.



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