Secretary-General of Kadhimiya Holy Shrine visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine



Secretary General of the Holy Shrine of Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawad, peace be upon them,  has visited the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali in the holy city of Najaf.

Dr. Jamal al-Dabagh, the Secretary General of the Khadimiya Holy Shrine and his accompanying delegation were received by the top officials of Imam Ali Holy Shrine including Secretary-General Sayyid Nizar Hablulmateen, Eesa al-Khersan and Ja’far Khaleel Mahbooba.

The two shrines’ top officials discussed the methods of cooperation and exchange of expertise to render the best service for the pilgrims.

It is worth mentioning that Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi has stressed on the importance of providing the best services to pilgrims of all holy shrines.



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