Al-Askariyain Holy Shrine revives Fatimid Days

The portico of Imam al-Hadi, peace be upon him, at the al-Askariyain Holy Shrine, witnessed the commemoration of the Fatimid Days, or the martyrdom anniversary of Fatima al-Zahraa, peace be upon her, based on

Nearly 1000 Azeri pilgrims visit Imam Redha Holy Shrine

A caravan of nearly a thousand pilgrims from the Republic of Azerbaijan, with 470 of them first-timers, have paid a visit to Imam Redha Holy Shrine, enjoying cultural and religious programs organized by

Karbala’s Holy Shrines end the mourning season

With the start of the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, the administrations of the Holy Shrines of Imam Hussain and al-Abbas brought down the black banners and hoisted the red banners atop the holy

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