A book on violence against Shias in 2018 published


Shia Rights Watch International Organization published a book on Violence against Shias in 2018 titled  Shias in The Face of Violence 2018.

operations carried out by the Takfiri groups against members of the Shia Muslim community, as well as the repression and abuse practiced against them by some regimes and governments.

According to the 

The book adds that there were 257 violations in book, there were 643 violations against Shia Muslims in 16 countries, explaining that the abuses varied between terrorist bombings and attacks by the authorities prison sentences, executions, and other abuses. Bahrain,  208 violations in Iraq, 92 violations in Saudi Arabia, 23 violations in Iran, 20 violations in Syria, 12 violations in Pakistan, 6 violations in Nigeria, 2 violations in Egypt, and one at each Britain, Algeria, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia and India.

Shia Rights Watch International Organization is committed to defending the rights of Shias around the world, highlighting their suffering and problems and transferring their grievances to the world.



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